Applicants desiring to enroll in Baptist Bible College Canada & Theological Seminary, must have received Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour, have been baptized by water immersion, exhibit a consistent Christian testimony, and sincerely desire God’s will for their lives. An official certificate of secondary school completion or a college transcript must also be provided to indicate the student’s ability to meet the rigorous requirements of a college training program.


1. The college may waive the general admission requirements for mature applicants (20 years and older), if they can provide evidence to succeed at college level work.

2. All applicants who have not completed a four year high school program will be accepted for a probation period before being admitted to a degree or diploma program.

3. An exception to this is any student who is in their fourth year of high school. Such students may take courses towards Bachelor level credit upon the approval of their school principal and/or pastor. Validation of credits earned will be made only after the student completes their fourth year of high school.

4. Anyone above 16 years of age may apply for audit or certificate level work regardless of their educational background.


The first step in the admission process is to complete an application form and to submit it to the registrar along with the required application fee. Three completed reference forms must be submitted by individuals that know the applicant with one being their Pastor.

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